Composite Bonding & Contouring

Fixed chipped or broken teeth and close gaps in teeth with our composite bonding treatment at Westbury Smiles Dental Practice Bristol

Composite bonding, sometimes referred to as cosmetic bonding, is a modern and minimally invasive technique used in smile makeovers to reshape teeth, close gaps between teeth and disguise tooth discolouration.

Modern composite bonding techniques can also be used to repair chips and breaks in the teeth, thereby protecting the underlying tooth structure.

Our skilled practitioners at Westbury Smiles Dental Practice carefully bond and shape composite resins onto the tooth to imitate natural tooth structure. This procedure often doesn’t require local anaesthetic and can transform your smile in a single visit.

Repair chipped teeth with composite bonding in Bristol.

Smile Transformation

We can repair teeth and close gaps between teeth using composite bonding.

Composite bonding is a pain free way to improve your smile.

Pain Free

Composite Bonding can often be performed with no need for local anaesthetic.

Composite bonding and contouring.

Highly Skilled

Our highly skilled dentists can shape and contour your smile often in a single visit.


Bioclear is an advanced composite bonding technique which uses clear matrices and heated composite to close spaces and gaps between your teeth.

Spacing between your teeth can give the appearance of black triangles. Bone loss and gum recession due to periodontal disease is a common cause of gaps between the teeth but this appearance can also occur following natural or orthodontic tooth movement.

Some people naturally have a space between their front teeth, referred to as a diastema. Should this be a cosmetic concern, Bioclear can often be used to close this space without causing any damage to the teeth.

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